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"The supreme reality of our time is our indivisibility as
children of God and the common vulnerability of this planet."

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Address Before the Irish Parliament in Dublin, June 28, 1963

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Wed, Oct 26 2016
Alabama Groups Petition State Commission to Impose Stricter Limits on Toxic Pollutants in Waters

Tue, Oct 18 2016
Environmental groups petition State commission to impose stricter limits on toxic pollutants in waters

Tue, Oct 4 2016
Environmental attorneys call state's suit against Oxford water board a protective measure

Thu, Sep 23 2016
Report slams EPA civil rights compliance

Thu, Sep 23 2016
EPA blasted over lack of protection of minorities

Thu, Sep 23 2016
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Environmental Justice: Examining the Environmental Protection Agency’s Compliance and Enforcement of Title VI and Executive Order 12,898

Tue, Sep 20 2016
Letter to EPA: Toxics Rule to Arrive DOA

Tue, Sep 20 2016
Environmental groups: EPA must disapprove Florida water toxics rule

Mon, Aug 1 2016
Anger, suspicions remain after water vote

Tue, Jul 25 2016
More toxic chemicals allowed in Florida waterways

Tue, Jul 25 2016
ERC signs off on controversial water standards

Mon, Jul 25 2016
Democrats in Congress blast DEP water plan

Wed, Jul 13 2016
Black residents sue ADEM Director over discrimination policy

Thu, Jul 7 2016
Trash Talk (Dothan Eagle Editorial)

Tue, Jul 5 2016
The Alabama Landfill That Brought Noise, Health Woes, and a Lawsuit

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